About me

I build websites using the right tools for the job, always keeping an eye out for good design and keeping it all as simple as possible. (KISS)

My main focus is in API design, development and test, but I do like to get my hands dirty developing web apps or deploying and configuring a Linux server to host a web application or even scraping websites to get specific data for my needs. I also spend a lot of time reading about software development and how to write better code.

Lately I've been building web applications on a Linux, Python + Django, Nginx/Gunicorn, and PostgreSQL stack. Currently working on a couple scraping projects in my free time.



HTML is the foundation of modern Web development. Not writing a lot of plain of this nowadays.


Currently using SASS, looking forward to use its features in a couple of projects.


Long gone is jQuery. Holla @ modern javascript(ES6) & Angular 2+ with TypeScript. I manage frontend stuff with Yarn.


The language I use the most. Efficient, easy, and clean, it is a bliss to write scripts, websites backends or even deploy configuration with it in short time.


The standard framework in web development with Python. Along with Django Rest Framework, it's my main tool to quickly write API's. I also use Bottle or Flask for quick bootstraps.


Started off using MySQL in a classic LAMP stack, then transitioned to PostgreSQL. I've also used Redis in a production environment and played with MongoDB in some side projects.


I usually work in a Linux environment and use Git as version control for my code. I deploy on either Heroku, AWS or other hosted servers, depending on the size of the project and my mood. In the past I used CakePHP and developed some custom websites with Wordpress.

What's Next

Currently looking into improving my overall approach to writing, deploying and testing web apps, with tools like Jenkins. Looking to learn some machine learning with Tensorflow and Scikit as they're really good python libraries.

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